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She’s so special
we can’t tell you
her name!


Creating our flavour

When we decided to reinvent one of the great drinks brands of the 60’s, we knew we needed someone with a very special talent to create the flavour.

More than that, we needed someone who was not afraid to take on a challenge.

After months of research, profiling the leading names in gin, we approached our chosen Master Distiller, a woman widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful innovators in the drinks world.

We were far from sure she’d take our project on, but we needn’t have worried. She loved the idea of building the perfect martini gin, one with a classical foundation and all the flavour and character of a heritage brand.

Over the next six months she created our recipe: juniper then citrus with spice builds of cassia, cinnamon & chicory, and a finish of mustard seeds.

We love our Longtooth and want to shout its story from the rooftops, but we’re sworn to secrecy over our distiller’s name.

So, for safekeeping, we’ve hidden it in Jane One’s room*. Who would think to look for it there?

*as we anagrammatically call her


Supremely smooth

Created as a personal homage to the 1960’s original Bengal Gin, our Master Distiller has spent much of her time sourcing the perfect balance of botanicals...